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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth   

About maxFynd

New product specials out now!
Contact us today to find out more.
The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth


About maxFynd

maxFynd offers the largest online collection of original long range gold detectors and the lowest priced. Most purchases from maxFynd include free shipping!

All our detectors will find gold in natural form e.g nuggets, reefs, alluvial; or manmade e.g. jewellery, bars, coins. Some will also find many other metals and gems.


Please Note:company calling itself 'maxfynd compony' is not us. We have no idewhy they continue to impersonate us and urge you not to be hoodwinked by it's products, lifted from our site.


Money cheerfully refunded if after 7 days trial the buyer is not completely satisfied. $45USD restocking fee applies.We offer the 7 day trial period from date of receiving items. We stipulate that it is 7 days and no extensions can be given. Wear of testing is apparent in most cases which would mean refurbished status and loss for us. But if you advise before the 7 days that you may be returning items for refund this will be ample notice. The items must be exactly as they were before sending or we will appraise for partial refund.


We no longer give exchanges on detectors. Change of mind cannot be valid reason for requesting refund as is the case with all sellers. If special trial period is given where more than $5000USD of goods is purchased, refund will only be given if goods are not functioning as advertised. If buyer is not saitisfied we will only pay refund if we receive at least three properly taken shots. Often it is an instruction issue. We willl do all we can to enable the user to see results.


Tech support is free for three questions. After that it's $19USD question.


maxFynd Products:

All maxFynd units will detect hundreds of feet/meters and down 12 meters, customizable to 200 feet (This would have to be large deposit). Every unit has been tested by geologist.

Note: Company akmaxFynd Mods or maxfynd remote.

All maxFynd detectors are tested in the field. They are the product of more than 17 years in geology and long range detection instrument study. The physics involved is totally new, from thermal imaging elements and ionic measurement to geomagnetic and optical breakthroughs. All instruments are user-friendly and do not involve the user for their core detection.

All instruments are solely the invented work of maxFynd (Viblan), who retains all intellectual and inventors' rights under legal jurisprudence.

Design my vary slightly from photos on ads from time to time.

New! If group wishes to buy any of our instruments we will give it 10% discount. So if three or four of your friends decided to share paying an amount and buy one it would be 10% cheaper. All we ask are the names or names of the towns where they reside, or some other proof you are part of number of interested people. If an unbiased report is prepared on the finds, or experiences with the instrument, we will give another 5% viPaypal on receipt of the report.


Note: The Translator function on our pages will enhance your experience.

Here is story repeated all over the world as more people realize gold is the answer and short range detector just isn't the best tool for the job..



This site strives to be genuine in every form. provided there are no equipment failures, network problems, human error, internally or externally introduced problems or other unforeseen circumstances. We cannot and will not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or consequential loss or any other claim resulting from its use, or the inability to use it or the products advertised therein.

The products are made available on an AS-IS basis, and are not claimed to be fit for any particular purpose or use whatsoever.This does not mean any product herein is below the level that is advertised. Simply that maxFynd accepts no responsibility for use it can only monitor in absentia. We can no longer exchange items.

We recommend all users of long range detecting equipment Google areas they will be working in for Heritage Listings in regard to indigenous settlement and laws against diggiing.This applies worldwide.