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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth   


New product specials out now!
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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth




Here you can read the testimonials and findings from maxFynd customers using maxFynd products. After these is piece on maxFynd detectors explaining how they work according to scientific principles.


We recommend you visit this site to obtain information on obtaining permission or restricting your detecting to beaches etc. We cannot accept responsibility for any detecting that is not in compliance with the rules of the country involved.




Recent Testimonials:



The Optic Ranger is doing well...Here is the latest comment...


'Hello sir.


Thank you for the really super product.


I'm very satisfied.'


European user





From: xxxxx
Sent:Monday, August 14, 2017 5:54 PM
Subject:RE: shots taken


Good afternoon? Hopefully you are well! I am very pleased with your software, I was using the Gimp method, it clearly showed me that where we dug there were extrfine few pieces! The Chrom2 software is extremely effective! Iam hoping for more business from you!




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Use it with pleasure for it is the truth, I hope to find big , I will be updating you






"I worked with many radars but the joolis the best. I found natural gold target at distance of 2 kilometers and 3 feet deep as the joolsaid"

European user 2017


April, 2017: US user is admant she has found diamonds using our equipment and guidance in little-known part of the country.



January, 2017: An Eastern European man who has bought many units from us says the Joolis fantastic and smartphone app we produced is spot on in detecting targets.


"...the camer(Fieldmaster) is brilliant , Genius , amazing kit .. better than an OKM or GP1000...."




"Hello maxFynd,


Thank you very much, now I learned to use first my Joolfollowed by my Genius 60.

Just yesterday , we visited the 60 hectares of my cousin who asked me to verify if the

place has really gold deposit because the place is known as Japanese camp from 30s.

We did 4 verification without telling me the areas to be surveyed, they were all surpri-

ed that I was able to pinpoint the same areas that the two Japanese, one Briton and one

retiredmilitary officer had pinpointed, they said that I have pinpointed the same and I

am the 5thsurveyor on their farm. Next week we will do the digging.


Thanks for helping us.

Regards, xxxxxx"



"maxFynd and their products are awesome! I have had some samples assayed that tested positive for gold. huge part of purchasing maxFynds products is tech support. I have never experienced better tech support. You will quickly realize how knowledgeable they are as you interact with them. Here is what I consider one of the best kept secrets; you can take picture with the camerdetecting equipment and email the results to maxFynd and they can (based on the mF Lite system used) identify where the deposit is. I could go on and on.but am only taking the time out of loyalty to maxFynd and this is but fraction compared to what they have done for me. I highly recommend and support maxFynd to any customer."

- North American Prospector



"Forgot to tell you. You had identified an areof copper ore and I collected some and threw it into hot fire and actually smelted some. Copper nuggets. Also found coin that you identified around foot underground. Still after gold of course. Will have little time. Thx Canadian User"



Hi xxxxx

Thanks for the info, and yes some one that hasn't used the new items with all the software would be amazed. I have the Fieldlab by Maxfynd and it is awesome also. Will take some time to get used to using it, not like dowsing rod or electronic unit that I have used many times before.

keep in touch,

from net forum



user recently wrote after only short time with an eNigmacam:


"I see now I've taken some shots with and without the gold ring and you know what? This baby works. I'll see howI can send pics.You can make out the ring shape and it's buried 5 inches below surface.Ican see how this can be used and have already found tiny nugget."



Middle Eastern tester reports

I have camerfrom you
I've taken few pictures of the test.
I wanted to see your pictures with analysis software
I proved to application performance.


In general, points 60 to 70% accurate over 8 shots.
Software interesting.
Photo above exactly on target about 1 meter down as you said.

We have been testing your camera.



Good day maxFynd,

I have field tested the Aurescope and I find it better and useful I used it with my NoktDetector and they coincide with the detection. All of what we have detected has been natural gold.
- Philippines detectorist
Nokta* is manufacturer of short-range beeping metal detectors


maxFynd equipment will also detect gemstones, probably the only long range detector that can on the market today
bar one or two. Take look here for an example of how easily it does this:
















TheZoomcast, ChromIIandGeologist & othersby maxFynd work on different principles.

When photographic material taken by the Zoomcast is analysed it shows the location of the midpoint of infra-red radiation. In similar way to thermal imaging device the photograph indicates the position of infra-red energy that dissipates at different rate following solar exposure. This is accomplished by means of the ChromII program. It can process hundreds of shots in minute. This traces the RGB of specific element e.g. lead and indicates it using cross. The RGB has been calculated by maxFynd and can be easily illustrated. It will not work with normal camera. The diagram below shows how this occurs.


The pixellation on the photographs taken with the mF camershows preponderance of certain type of pixel surrounding the target metal. The ChromII program uses algorithms to indicate the midpoint. i.e. the target. The concept of stone thrown into pool is adequate. The rings are the infra-red radiation, the target being the stone, figuratively


Work with frequency resonance and ionic transfer undertaken by maxFynd allows specific RGBs to be calculated for many metal and gemstones for processing by Chroma. Here is video brief:

The Geologist uses another principle. It creates longer pathway for the radio signal from the GPS or A-GPS satellites to the smart phone It does this through proprietary method involving ionic transference and frequency resonance. This means the arrow is seen on Google Maps , not in the normal position some feet from the user, but up to miles away when GPS is disabled allowing only Networks to operate. It will also work with many applications that show the position of lost phones This is for use with notebook pc.

The Geologist tricks the returning signal from the satellite to travel vithe specific target information loaded into the smart phone by online activation from maxFynd site.


Neither the Zoomcast not the Geologist emit any signal that contravenes any legal caveat since the frequencies have virtually nano mass characteristics. Both the Zoomcast and the Geologist can be used as normal binocular camerand smart-phone respectively, with no loss of normal function.

Targets can be confirmed using an included swing angle, the Joola. This is made from special alloy that acts like compass indicating the target position due to ionic transference. Depth to target , type (natural or man-made) and an estimate of size is easily found using the Joolby stepping away from the target point and counting the swings and left or right direction. This is not an intuitive process. No user input is required since the angle has been so cut to allow behaviour of swings in repeatable and easily proven manner.


Valuable targets have been found using the Zoomcast . See link: Down page is the Zoomcast and how photographs are all that is required to accurately determine the position of gold from thousands of miles away viemail alone.


Proving the accuracy of the units is simple involving auto-processing shots of known metal targets using ChromII pc program. The solar conditions, once determined as adequate by the Joola, will give cross-indications very close to the target from up to many miles away. Confirmation at the spot is very user friendly using the Joola.

recent innovation is the use of the ChromII to process shots taken with the Geologist II. The process is the same as with the Zoomcast.

Diagram below illustrates how unit works.


micrometre (American spelling: micrometer; symbol ?m) is onemillionthof ametre,


or equivalently one thousandthof amillimetre. It is also commonly known as micron.


The resulting difference in emissivity creates unique RGB light signature expressed as colour with specific hue and tolerance. This is what the Chromanalyses and displays.


Each RGB code is specific to metal. Also each depth limit has specific RGB. For instance, manmade gold down to 10 feet has the following codes calculated by maxFynd.


1 257 260 2XX

2 259 263 2XX

3 262 269 2XX

4 272 275 2XX

5 279 283 2XX

6 257 261 2XX

7 258 261 2XX

8 266 268 2XX

9 267 269 2XX

10 270 273 2XX

The cross indicator will be in slightly different position compared to the simple gold code RGB. This is due to the pixellation varying with the different infra-red emanating from metals according to their depths.

Real materials do not behave like blackbodies. They emit only fraction of

the radiation emitted by blackbody at the equivalent temperature. This is

taken into account by the EMISSIVITY, or the emissivity coefficient (?):

radiant exitanceof an object at given temperature

radiant exitanceof blackbody at the same temperature

=e l

Emissivity can have values between 0 and 1. It is measure of the ability of a

material both to radiate and to absorb energy.

Provided that the emissivity of material is known, its absolute temperature

(kinetic temperature, Tkin) can be derived from the radiation it emits. If the

emissivity is not considered, only the brightness temperature (radiant

temperature, Trad) of the material can be determined. Since it is valid that:

Trad Tkin =e

Trad =Tkin

the radiant temperature of real material is always lower than its kinetic

temperature. However, for blackbody with ? = 1 it applies that:

Trad =Tkin

There is tiny increase in temperature at the pixel point that defines the RGB code of elements detected by mF equipment.

Emissivity depends on wavelength, surface temperature, and some physical

properties of the surface, e.g. water content, or density.

Material Average Emissivity

over 8-14 ?m

Clear water 0.98 - 0.99

Healthy green vegetation 0.96 - 0.99

Dry vegetation 0.88 - 0.94

Asphaltic concrete 0.94 - 0.97

Basaltic rock 0.92 - 0.96

Granitic rock 0.83 - 0.87

Dry mineral soil 0.92 - 0.96

Polished metals 0.06 - 0.21

mF units have minimal limtations except with solar radiation in the form of sunspots and piezoelectricty of rock stratwhich can be overcome in the field near the target.. The Joolallows the user to determine when the best moment is to take shot. It can be easily shown that the cross indicator is in different place when solar is not optimal.

Colorimetric observer model dispensing with negative lobes in the first model.

We deal in much smaller quantification parameters than dealt with in common colorimetry which puts our devices in unique category

Depth is possible with the Chromdue to the different harmonic of each RGB code.






The Geologist will also indicate depth after remote Activation from the maxFynd site. Again, each version of program is introduced into the Smartphone allowing the metal target to interpose between the returning signal and the Geologist depending on its wavelength and characteristics. maxFynd also produces program called the Gramler (beta) which allows in the field substitution of metal codes, weights and depths.


Here is theoretical explanation regarding the Zoomcast and other maxFynd units submitted for your understanding. It is allowing the Zoomcast and other maxFynd devices to detect. They work on thermal emissivity and polar realignment. However the actual force that moves the detectors to indicate the gold or other targets has not been satisfactorily explained to date in layman's terms.

The answer appears to be ionic equilibrium. The units find this equilibrium and indicate the direction of the ionically-rich target. What makes the target produce ions? Friction between soil and water, solar energy and the atmosphere. The mF detector produces measurable surplus of positive ions in cone shape emanating from the scope or camerto the ground surface. It does this in one unit by employing an infra-red blocking gas under pressure that been pumped into the scope. Under light activation the cone of positive ions is formed. The ions are positive in that they have electrons removed from their shells allowing the protons to define the atoms as positively charged. These are formed by the maxFynd process that causes electrical instability thus shedding electrons from their atomic orbits.

The surrounding ions, having surplus electrons compared to the positive ions surrounding the detector, are thus negative, and rush to fill the void created by the positive ions. It's natural law of physics.

Some distance away below the ground lies say, gold nugget. This has surplus of ions, positive ones meaning electrons have been knocked from their shells by virtue of natural friction caused by temperature among other factors as outlined above. These ions are the same as the ones surrounding the detector. Ionic resonance allows the transfer.

So now we have rush of electrons hitting the mF detector to fill the ionic gap from the field of target some distance away with positive surplus of protons.


I guess most people know that thunderstorm is caused by lightning discharging to the ground. The rising moisture which becomes clouds encounters friction (one theory) and cooling, thus knocking electrons off the atoms and forming positive volume of positive ions. Since they are thus lighter, these positive ions rise to the tops of the cloud forms. The heavier negative (more electrons than protons) sink to the base of the cloud masses. The ionic presence of negative ions in the cloud mass bases exerts repelling force on the negative ions on the ground surface sinking them below the surface. This means the surface is positive, more protons than electrons. At the same time the ions seek to balance the ionic equilibrium by rushing from the cloud base to the ground (positive surplus) forming lightning bolt, hotter than the Sun. The bolt is simply volume of electrons moving to restore the ionic balance between the cloud tops and bases and the ground. In fact if you recall thunderclap, the sound of the air exploding out from the bolt and then in to fill the air gap sounds like it's shooting in two directions doesn't it. Up to the cloud tops and and down to the ground. This is my own observation.

You can read about lightning here:

We know that there has been rush of electrons to fill the positive imbalance caused by the detector. But how does the mf detector indicate the target?

maxFynd has proven grid pattern around the Earth every 7 feet or so. This is square grid pattern that has been known for many years. If you own detector with an input for frequencies in Hertz you can find it by entering 7.83 (Schumann Resonance) in the unit and walking. Every 7 feet or so you will get an indication. The grid has been formed because the North and South Poles exert the known lines of force. These would charge the ground surface between the poles with micro current right?

Since the Earth is rotating, the lines of force are cut by the E-W rotation causing the lines of force to adopt square grid pattern, since they are shifted E-W to balance the N-S. Detection works lot better at the intersection of these grid squares. And there you have the theoretical answer.

The mF detector becomes positive pole, attracting negative electrons to it which travel along the grid squares to the next point of ionic imbalance, the target. There is momentum or EMF (Electro Motive Force). This can be easily proven. The power in an ionic transference is immense. Some say the largest ionic transference on Earth, lightning, creates temperatures four times hotter than the Sun. This is mega-megaton energy released. The same powerful energy alters the colorimetric qualities impacting on the CCD of the camerto indicate the target since the ionic flow is travelling to the target imbalance point. The CCD is overloaded and adopts straight line flow structure in the same way log will flow in river parallel to the banks not with it's wider side forward.

Although the micro-current involved is tiny and completely safe, it exerts enough kinetic energy to force the CCD pixellation information into holding pattern in the target's direction. Only vast energy resource like ionic movement llightning transference can explain detection over miles by mF detectors. If the universe did not have total need to seek equilibrium there would be no balance in the concept and it would disintegrate. Flighty science perhaps but positive will always require negative in every scenario.

You could also work out where the intersection of the grid-lines (above) are and ask yourself why standing at these intersections gives you better alignment to the target and stronger one using Schumann Joolwe can provide.

There is connection between the target and the unit which you can easily prove. Sit on chair in the normal fashion and detect target using the standard mF Joolangle. Now lift your feet of the floor or ground. The swing is no longer obtainable. This is because you are not connected to the grid.

How can we prove that the mF detector is like 'lightning bolt'? mF has measured the path or signal line between the mF detector and target and detected minute traces of nitrous oxide, gas produced by lightning bolts and imperceptible sound energy decibel traces, the 'thunder' between the mF detector and the target, as the ionic transfer allows the surrounding air molecules to come together again.

Again we state that these 'bolts' are microscopic and completely safe. You get many, many times more effect (virtually none) when you watch TV or pass near the screen altering the aerial sensitivity and seeing the picture change slightly.




The Plate Tectonics Theory involves slippage of landmass from another due to mass fluctuations due to rising magmfrom the seafloor and subduction of this growing seafloor under the continents. maxFynd has determined theoretical case for the Moon having slipped off the original Earth due to differences in crystallization of minerals like nickel.

It was Newton moment while watching three bubbles. I won't tell you where but the main one appeared steadied by the other two. Acting on hunch mF did some long range detecting and came up with some proof that the maxFynd Bubble Theory of Moon formation could be valid. Only maxFynd equipment was used in this experiment.



There were three proto earths about 9 billion years ago. They were molten and like bubbles they were being absorbed by the main one, which grew to become today's Earth. They were products of accretion of matter at that time in the Solar System. The first bubble may have been centred over Africand the Middle East and eventually was absorbed by the Earth bubble. The other protoearth bubble centred over Australiand environs could not be absorbed because the Earth below had solidified, unlike the first bubble area.


Nickel appeared to be the target mineral to test this. Three areas were detected within few miles of the maxFynd office. These were areas where there were rocks that hopefully showed the difference in nickel crystallization that led to the casting off of the Moon protoearth.


One rock was found the following day (See below.)


Under the microscope it shows the top layer which is lunar vestige, the protoearth lunar bubble being slewed off since the large grained nickel crystals could not co-exist with the finer grained nickel rocks below it. This was not the result of an impact we theorize but simply the fact the top moon layer could not be absorbed into the solidified lower layer. The tidal connection between the Earth and Moon and the same age of rocks on both orbs (~4.5 billion years) suggests they were joined at some stage.

There is difference in Palladium content between the two layers. Nickel and Palladium can be thought of as glue that makes rocks cohesive. Huge fault lines we think developed, cracking off the top layer. The green line is an approximation in this sample.


Photo 1 - Micro shot of rock detected roadside. Histogram evidence to some extent.



Watch This Space...




maxFynd Copyright 2017


We recommend all users of long range detecting equipment Google areas they will be working in for Heritage Listings in regard to indigenous settlement and laws against digging.This applies worldwide. We will not sell to countries where metal detecting is illegal or dangerous to the user.


All information such as the above remains the intellectual property of maxFynd and jurisprudence will be applied if copyright is infringed.