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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth   

mF Audio/Visual Metal Detectors

High quality AudioVisual Gold Alert Detectors available from maxFynd.

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  Just place the Arboreal on a tree and watch the digits change giving you the tree conductivity us..
  The Assisto I aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visual..
Place the FieldBot in a possible gold area and walk round it about 10 to 15 feet from it. When you a..
Genius 60
     Genius 60 aka  Hawkeye II Advisor A highly intelligent detector as it's name suggests. Fol..
Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!
   AVAILABLE NOW!!!   You've probably heard that Google Glass, a wearable computer that sits ..
Ionik Deluxe
  This professional ion counter will give precise measurement of the number of ions at a point enab..
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