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       maxFynd Mods & maxFynd remote proudly introduce the  PRESIDIUM RANGE       







  Presidium A - $3600USD






This detector speaks for itself.

It's an eNigmacam that will take customized photos of Google Earth for auto-processing with Chroma III.

Anywhere on earth can now be read for gold and many other metals and gemstones from the comfort of your study. It could be the stream two miles away or a jungle valley in the Amazon. You could even start  a business reading areas for mining concerns and prospectors.

If Google Earth isn't your cup of tea you can take the Presidium B.  It will work with paper maps or slides, any representation of the Earth including Google Earth. It attaches to your Android or iPhone.





Presidium B - $2500USD


Full confirmation is yours with the Smart Joola angle included, the wonder-alloy detector that is a genius at telling you depth, type and weight in seconds. Take a few shots around your area and go there to see how accurately it works.

This is like Aladdin's lamp and it does it all for you. A few ounces worth of gold is all it takes in dollars and it will never lose it's resale value. 

Could be the world's most exciting long range metal detector!! 


And if you are a Mac person interested in traditional maps not Google Earth...




Presidium C - $2300USD



 All can be used to take amazingly beautiful fotos as well as being  one-of-a-kind metal detectors.



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