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Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!

Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!
Product Code: Google Glass Detector
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You've probably heard that Google Glass, a wearable computer that sits on your face in a pair of shade frames is being released this year. If you haven't yet, take a squizz at Google Search. It's the next big thing!


If you buy an item from maxFynd this year you will receive $200 off the Google Glass unit that maxFynd produces as a long range gold detector. This will be a real eye-opener in more ways than one (no pun intended.)





It's not just a camera but will let you play games, check Maps etc.The prism screen gives you a wide-screen scenario just like a pc.


"So, what can Google Glass do? Well, many things. The device works like any other mobile device, with access to the Internet, apps and other capabilities. According to Tech Radar, who has a very lengthy and detailed summary of Google Glass, is Android-powered, making it compatible with various apps and smart phones. Using a miniature display on the right side corner of the lens, the user can view the options available, like taking a picture; get directions or simply Googling something. All of which is available with a simple voice command, or a tap on the touch-sensitive bar on the side of the frame."



A collection of maxFynd long range detectors will be accessible via the Glass.


A price estimate of $2700USD is realistic at this stage but it may be considerably less.




Modularity will be built in for those that want more than two or three detectors.


(No infringement of purchase will occur as Google we believe is going to be strict in its product control. All taken care of. Also no alteration of the circuitry etc is made since it uses the unique eNigma engine that is a nano-current bypass & does not affect  any circuit operation.)



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