Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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This is a great Fitness Activity watch and long range gold detector in one. As well as pulse activi..
Assaya - In Car Gold Detector (eNigmacam)
  The maxFynd Assaya puts you in the drivers seat in the race to find gold both natural and man-mad..
  The Assisto II aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visua..
Assisto II aka Moody (Calibur)
The Assisto II aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visual i..
Dain-Lees Fieldscan aka maxFynder Miner
aka maxFynder Miner   Here it is! A dream come true for all gold seekers!   Don these goggle..
A handheld gold detector that will outperform standard metal detectors as it will track gold from hu..
  Geosat II Maxim  is $3750 USD. It comes with the Chroma program and the eNigmacam function for th..
Gold Scape
Place your two fingers on the contacts and listen like you have a shell up to your ear. You will hea..
Golden Hare
You will receive an android phone that has been converted to the Golden Hare by maxFynd. It will all..
A maxfynd mod using a radioactivity detector or geiger counter. Fantastic range and depth. Joola inc..
The GoldSnake detects gold unseen from the surface. It is an 'x-ray detector' collecting IR radiati..
Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!
   AVAILABLE NOW!!!   You've probably heard that Google Glass, a wearable computer that sits ..
Midas Ring
In the mood for gold? Why wouldn't you be? It's tipped to soar in value again to more than 2000USD (..
Optic Ranger
    The Optic Ranger glasses will let you know exactly where gold both natural and manmade lies up..
Pocket Strobe Detector
Battery powered strobe fits in your pocket and will detect gold anywhere. Strobe rate changes when u..
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