Optic Ranger

Optic Ranger
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The Optic Ranger glasses will let you know exactly where gold both natural and manmade lies up to 50 feet (15 meters) below the surface. Range is many hundreds of feet.
It does this by showing you plants and rocks above the gold target as unmistakeable vivid electric blue. This can extend to tree foliage. Smaller amounts of gold will show the vegetation and rocks as electric violet. Sounds unbelievable but you can prove it within minutes of receiving the glasses if you have a >30gram gold occurrence nearby.
The included maxFynd Joola will indicate exact location, type, weight and  allow microgold to >30 grams discrimination.
There is no processing required. What you see is what you get. Vegetation above gold will present as dynamic blue or violet in parts.
You can walk over a field or a gravelly road and see the blue and violet grains clearly.
The glasses use 3D light polarization and ionic equilibrium to create the blue & violet indications. Another world first powered by Viblan Technology...perfecting Long Range Detection since 2005.
Design may vary.
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(If you buy another maxFynd unit we will sell the Optic Ranger for $299USD. Hurry...this low price can't last. We can put one away for you if you want to buy later. Send us a message.)

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