Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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Pocket Strobe Detector
Battery powered strobe fits in your pocket and will detect gold anywhere. Strobe rate changes when u..
Pointer Joola
Pointer Mode Joola Will allow detection while you enjoy the scenery with it'sshort arcing from side..
           maxFynd Mods & maxFynd remote proudly introduce the  PRESIDIUM RANGE            ..
Watch a small digital screen on this handheld detector to spot gold down to 50 feet and great distan..
The 360 Degree Panoramic Lens for maxFynd Cameras
  The lens attachment shown at and selling for $595 is offered by maxFynd fo..
Ultra deep gold detector...up to 100 feet. Fill the pipe flask with a little water and you're set. ..
Looks like a flying saucer and what it does is out of this world!   It will rotate giving a colorf..
ZIIC Airmaster
   Here's a really fun way to detect down 50 feet standing above a target.The Airmaster will detect..
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