maxFynd Bushmaster Plus

maxFynd Bushmaster Plus
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The Bushmaster is just that. It will provide gold direction and is a lot of fun to use.

Now with more options.




Establishing Target Using the Bushmaster

In order to determine the target location, hold the smartphone at 90 degrees to the ground
surface. Scan around until the single conical arrow is squarely on the screen pointing straight
up. Check carefully that there is no forwards or backwards or sideways orientation. It must be
a solid 2 dimensional shape. The gold target weighing more than 30 grams is in the camera
direction when this occurs.

Moving to the target area using the Joola, press the green button bottom left of screen where
the Joola circles signifying the target is directly below. Move to one side and then the other to
centralize the target as follows. The green button will bring up the single arrow cylinder shape
on screen. Turn the unit over in your hand until the arrow is pointing up to you. You should only
see the pointed conical top. Draw an imaginary line from the camera on your phone to the
ground surface. The gold target weighing more than 30 grams is directly below this point.

Weight can be customized on purchase.




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