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The Geologist
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Viblan Technology/maxFynd



The unit is essentially a Smartphone that will search the surrounding countryside for every gold location it can and array it on a map or on your notebook pc.


It does this by linking to GPS satellites and through maxFynd's own modification gives you the exact point where the gold lies.


All that is required is the maxFynd Geologist unit and a mobile modem for use with a notebook. The pc is not provided.


You can also use the phone on its own by simply opening up Google Maps.


 Every few minutes or so the Geologist will lay another point on a Google map at satellite or map level (find phone system) you can zoom right up to and even save for later use with the pc method.


 Each time you open Maps you will see the phone's location indicated by the small blue arrow it uses. However The Geologist will show you the position of the gold instead within the GPS error range.


 It has an effective range of about two miles.


   Provided is a Joola angle to determine depth and an mF VUC Compass to allow you to gauge how accurate the target point is in view of changing UV levels.








 Go to and download the free mobile security package that allows mobile backup etc programs. Among them is a Find My Phone option. You can experiment with other Find My Phone applications of which there are several. The phone is customized to work with all.


 Once you have downloaded and set it up by sending to your Geologist unit you are set to try it at home.


Enable the 'Find My Phone' app (3rd from left) and watch as the program first connects to your Geologist which has been placed on the ground about ten feet from the laptop.


Every few minutes it will find your unit's position and add a red balloon to the map be it map or satellite option.


 You can view in Map and choose 'Street View' to see exactly where it is.


 You don't have to have GPS enabled which is a saving. The programs will take a peek at your position anyway and this is all that is required.


The app is in fact trying to find your phone but instead of giving you an approximate position it will give you the gold location instead due to the modification maxFynd has made to the Geologist.


This does not affect the program at all.


 Save it to Map (My Saved Places) and you can print it out at your convenience. 


Note: Best if Network Services alone is ticked in Settings for Android (Locations and Security or iPhone equivalent), then with GPS and/or Wi-Fi ticked. This way you will get different gold locations from the same spot since accuracy within meters varies.


Online activation is conducted for iPhone since there is no slot for a micro card.








 Make sure you have Google Maps on your device.


 Open the Maps app and size page to country and a comfortable zoom level. Your area should fill the screen.


After a short time you will see the blue arrow. If you cannot, change the zoom or move round the screen dragging it to a new position until you see the arrow.


The blue arrow indicates the exact position of the nearest gold. If it is inaccessible or on a road for example, exit and open Maps again. Try GPS on or WiFi on with/without Network Services. You can experiment here with all combinations for more gold points.




You can see the exact position on Street View,  an option when you click the arrow.


Only a certain number of roads and streets are on Street View. You can zoom up the program itself (Maps) to see the position.


 The Joola angle and/or compass is then used over the point indicated by the arrow in the field to determine depth, and whether natural or manmade gold (see Compass and Angle Mode instructions.)


 Visit the target points that recur and use the Joola angle to determine depth and whether natural or manmade.


In order to make sure the points are authentic, use the mF VUC Compass. When it freewheels the target position is much more certain.


Begin by digging the shallowest target points. If you find nothing, the gold is microscopic. You can prove this by viewing under a microscope. A cheap PC Microscope is best. The Joola angle will help you track the gold so it's in fact under the lens etc.


 It's only a matter of time before you strike it lucky but take it slowly until you begin finding gold you can see and of course sell.


 With the price of gold twice as high as it was ten years ago this is surely a worthwhile investment.


It has been tested by a real geologist with ten years experience building and testing long range equipment.


Good luck with your new satellite-powered field tool. As with all tools it is an assistant.




maxFynd © 2012




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