A. Zoomcast Binocam (eNigmacam Deluxe)

A. Zoomcast Binocam (eNigmacam Deluxe)
Product Code: A. Zoomcast Binocam (eNigmacam Deluxe)
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 Now with Chroma II !  http://maxfynd.com/products/gold-detecting-cameras/chroma-gold/mineral/gem-detection-system




The Deluxe comes with extra codes for an assortment of other metals and gems plus currency as well as free tech support and analysis for 10 photos ( compared with 3 standard) you can send us. Also 6 tech support questions before the $19 a query charge with the standard model after 3.




The maxFynd Zoomcast Binocam Camera / Binocular system that will find gold and silver. Also known as the Zoomcast FieldReader it's the world's most innovative optical IR long range gold detecting system. It will take zoom photos which you can examine for gold and silver coding. This can be done using a head magnifier or on a laptop in the field.

Easy to use and can easily fit in your pocket. Takes 2 AA batteries.

No longer do you need a metal detector or expensive long range locator!

Gold and silver reflect  Infrared rays from the sun in a different way to other materials. The Zoomcast Binocam system detects the difference in wavelength and translates it into readable coding. Using software provided you can easily find the exact location of gold and silver.


Zoomcast Binocam kit includes:

  • 1 x Zoomcast Binocam Digital Camera Binoculars
    Including many features, the camera binoculars can be used for any normal use as well as detection. It has an effective range of 1.5km and comes with a soft carry case and lanyard.
  • 1 x Camera operation driver and manual / CD
  • 3 x Red Marker Flags
  • 5 x White Ceramic Chip Markers
    Marking is important to know where the hold is on the screen shot and also depth determination. 
  • 1 x maxFynd Software Application
    Keep your camera binoculars in best order and achieve the best results with this software package.
  • 1 x Detector / Confirmation Program or Link
    Makes finding gold easier by automating the examination process.
  • 3 maxFynd programs for pinpointing
  • 1 x Angle for depth, location and type determination of gold viz. manmade or natural.
  • 1 x maxFynd CHROMA II metal Identification application.


Additionally, you can add the Caves & Tunnels Detection program for the low price of $49.00 USD.

This concept has not appeared on the world market before. It can be easily tested and represents years of research into gold detection techniques.

Now with optional Gemstone Detection plus currency,oil and iron function. Ask when purchasing.






(Binocam design may change depending on model being developed or in stock.)


Watch the new enhanced Chroma II now included with Zooomcast Binocam. Automatic bulk processing of shots.




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