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'Persisto' Gold Pinpointer (50 feet depth)
Just place the LED Pinpointer 'Persisto' on the ground above a potential gold target and the time it..
A. Incognito C
This is the closest thing to privacy while detecting.   A great alternative to units 12 times the ..
A. SKYWAVE - Viblan Gravitational Wave Gold Detector
      GEOPHYSICAL REMOTE SENSING       Following news three days ago of the first conclusive p..
A long range gold detector that is one of a kind. Silicone-like jellyfish dance gracefully in a mini..
ARGB Dualis
Using colored light panels this will indicate the gold direction then pinpoint the target with the d..
Aure  Bleu
You will love this long ranger. It's basically a refractometer that uses the refractive index of gol..
Auto Gold Doppler
Just sit on your Dashboard and watch as the gold occurrences the car passes over or next to are indi..
AutoDauss Emulator
MICROELECTRICAL CONCEPT EMULATES DOWSER REACTION   For those that have read and practised dowsing,..
This long range detector is worn like a wristwatch and alerts the user with a vibrating alert on the..
Amazingly simple but completely accurate! Comes with Microtell Joola  for avoidance of microgold and..
Are you a fox, rabbit, or wild dog hunter? There are many shooters that would enjoy their sport more..
Bio Joola
  Latest styling:  Top: New Joulair   Bottom: Classic Joola   With this amazing gold tool you s..
A dancing liquid fountain powered by a maxFynd sound source throws spectral colors above the user wh..
Laser arrays are the flavor of the month. The Gravitational Wave discovery was made using them. max..
Dr Joola
   Latest styling. Top: New Joulair  Bottom: Classic Joola   We all strain our bodies, twist ou..
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