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Mendocino Gold Motor
This long range detector will go down 100 feet. It is an exceptionally good deep seeker and based on..
Metallica Glove (beta)
Imagine putting on one of these gloves and walking into a field dropping colored chips where you sen..
Micro Scope
Found a target and dug up nothing? Don't give up! Every time a maxFynd unit identifies a target it i..
Microtell Joola
At last! A Joola that will detect gold and allow the user to determine if it's micro or not. Microgo..
Midas Ring
In the mood for gold? Why wouldn't you be? It's tipped to soar in value again to more than 2000USD (..
Miner II
This handheld detector is extremely easy to use and will zero in on gold wherever it is up to hundre..
Smaller than a matchbox, this tiny gold detector connects to a keyring.   Held like an eraser and ..
Optic Ranger
Xmas price only   The Optic Ranger glasses will let you know exactly where gold both natural and m..
           maxFynd Mods & maxFynd remote proudly introduce the  PRESIDIUM RANGE            ..
Spiralo beta
Spinning tops wasn't like this as we recall.   The Spiralo will scribe a perfect way to establish ..
The 360 Degree Panoramic Lens for maxFynd Cameras
  The lens attachment shown at  http://www.0-360.com/ and selling for $595 is offered by maxFynd fo..
The Geologist II - Online Activation for Existing Phone (Gold, Oil, Gas, Meteorites, Platinum,Water)
Following on the success of the Geologist I is Geologist II, allowing detection of Gold, Oil, Gas, M..
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Ultra deep gold detector...up to 100 feet. Fill the pipe flask with a little water and you're set. ..
Looks like a flying saucer and what it does is out of this world!   It will rotate giving a colorf..
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