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Joola. maxFynd's wonder angle optional with all products. Depth, type, weight and accuracy capable..
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We know what you're wondering. How do I prove these detectors work? With the unit is a tool called the Joola, which will point to any gold around you. A sample e.g. a ring or watch will show you how it works. The Joola will always point to any gold item you have. In the same way it will point to any point the detector does and also allow you to determine depth, type of gold and weight. It is made of a special alloy exclusive to maxFynd and will also detect and prove other metals and gems in the same way. We guarantee it works out of the box. You must be thinking, if this is true then you are selling the most amazing tools out there for finding metals and gems. This is exactly what we are the most affordable prices.:)




Not just another long range detector



Even if you never found anything (impossible) you would pay for your maxFynd unit in a year or two just avoiding arthritis medical expenses that beeping metal detectors cause. It's a no-brainer.



An Hour with maxFynd (2 minute clip)

A customer recently told us that the assortment of detectors we have is almost hard to believe. Let us assure you every detector on this site is a genuine working-as-advertised long range detector. If you cannot find gold and metals with them eventually, there is no way short of luck.

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IMPORTANT. Southern Hemisphere users only: If you've noticed some odd malfunctions recently with your maxFynd gear please contact us. There appears to be an atmospheric disturbance effect more than likely in the ionosphere and we may need to recommend a counter (below). Or just drop us a line and we can recalibrate your device online.(Optional $19.)

Otherwise non-working behaviour could last for a few months more than a year. That's fine if you can wait that long.

You can though buy our unique wristband that will overcome the anomaly above with the Joola, give you a different way of determining depth and size and act as an anti-mosquito deterrent (beta modification). It's only $41.


Or you can tell us how your Joola is not functioning now and we will halve the price of the wristband.





Found in Europe with maxFynd Genius 60 from 100 meters. It was detected in a forest , 8 inches below surface and is possibly from early 1900s . Type of golden oil lamp hung from church ceilings. No rust, perfectly preserved.


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Image result for new iconsAsk us about our latest innovation, smartphone processing of shots on your home pc from hundreds of miles away. This means you will know in the field where the gold is without requiring a laptop. You can do this using any of our cameras and a smartphone. Just take your shots and send them to your home pc where you can process them remotely from your phone. Tens of shots can yield gold locations in minutes automatically.


Also exciting news is that the CHROMA II bulk shot processor is now included with every maxFynd camera including Zooomcast. This allows gold location identification in minutes and is the best advance for maxFynd users.  


**There is no substitute for quality. maxFynd has noticed a Chinese company online that goes by the name of 'maxFynd compony' and is making out they are us. Do not buy these lookalikes as they are not us.


Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before purchasing any of our products.. This is important.


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maxFynd equipment will also detect gemstones, probably the only long range detector that can on the market today bar one or two. Take a look here for an example of how easily it does this:


 Check out the acclaimed Zoomcast Binocam here:



Still our best seller!  You can see finds etc in Gallery of Finds top menu bar & read Testimonials section!



A maxFynd customer has been given the opportunity of being filmed using maxFynd equipment for a Discovery Channel documentary on long range detectors. A top New York film producer has filmed the Montana customer and his friends with maxFynd gear. Watch this Space...


 Did you know that gold came from outer space? Read here & elsewhere on Google

NEWS! Recently a user of maxFynd products from the USA asked for a digital reading of photos of a snow-covered mountain. We detected dozens of small gold clock shaped items 3 feet down right across the mountain.  They turned out to be gold-containing seismic sensors that had been placed there by the Geological Survey.


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Latest Find: Gold in rubies with Genius 60 







Save & Zoom pics 





Joola Users take note. Solar conditions (Space Weather) and hence accuracy will ONLY be good  immediately after you get 2 spins as you walk with it or 21 spins if you have the original Joola. You can ONLY test with Joola or take shots properly immediately after this occurs. We can't emphasise this enough. You can of course dispense with the Solar testing before the shots and zero in or pinpoint in the field since the targets are usually only a few feet out.


In order to get accuracy from the photos, mask off the first cross and the small white or colored squares in video editor program referred to (top menu Edit- Cut Selection) as well as white or colored expanses same as square colors,  save and try again in Chroma program. Do as often as you like.Test with samples >30 gm. This will save testing with Joola at target.


Electrical power lines or underground cables in an area willl amplify the size of the target.




IMPORTANT TIPS: Never taste or handle rocks without washing your hands since some are extremely poisonous and are found in and around mines, tailings and gold associated or similar rocks e.g Thallium, Arsenic, Cyanide. They are commoner than you think.

Also ticks etc can transfer from rocks and soil to your body and cause distress. 



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