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 maxFynd is your one stop online store for the best in long range gold & metal detectors.


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Image result for new iconsAsk us about our latest innovation, smartphone processing of shots on your home pc from hundreds of miles away. This means you will know in the field where the gold is without requiring a laptop. You can do this using any of our cameras and a smartphone. Just take your shots and send them to your home pc where you can process them remotely from your phone. Tens of shots can yield gold locations in minutes automatically.


Also exciting news is that the CHROMA II bulk shot processor is now included with every maxFynd camera including Zooomcast. This allows gold location identification in minutes and is the best advance for maxFynd users.  


**There is no substitute for quality. maxFynd has noticed a Chinese company online that goes by the name of 'maxFynd compony' and is making out they are us. Do not buy from these lookalikes as you may just be fooled.


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Latest Find: Gold in rubies with Genius 60 




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