Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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Allen Radio Wave Gold Detector
Handheld RF Explorer is a Spectrum Analyzer that will find gold up to miles away if large enough and..
ARGB Dualis
Using colored light panels this will indicate the gold direction then pinpoint the target with the d..
Assaya - In Car Gold Detector (eNigmacam)
  The maxFynd Assaya puts you in the drivers seat in the race to find gold both natural and man-mad..
Assisto II aka Moody (Vibescan)
The Assisto II aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visual i..
Auto Gold Doppler
Just sit on your Dashboard and watch as the gold occurrences the car passes over or next to are indi..
Battery-operated spinning top  will throw many colors and spin without need for finger start. As it ..
Controlled Chaos
User independent  Pendulum which you can see in action here  before we modified it.: https://www.yo..
Laser arrays are the flavor of the month. The Gravitational Wave discovery was made using them. max..
Wear this long range detector on your head and check to see how much natural or manmade gold you hav..
A handheld gold detector that will outperform standard metal detectors as it will track gold from hu..
EpROX Car Tx Combo
      The maxFynd EpROX Vehicle Transmitter Combo is compact and effective. Fit this tidy transmi..
Note: May not work in all areas. Please check with    The Geosat II is this year'..
Gold Heat Pistol
Unit will identify gold target from surface temperature. Precision Joola will give exact position an..
Golden Finish
    What I' m going to tell you might take you aback...You may scratch your head and say Naw! LOL...
Many people keep goldfish...but not like this one. maxFynd's electric Goldfish will swim in a bowl o..
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