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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth   

Gold Detecting Cameras

Top of the range Gold Detecting Cameras available from maxFynd.

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'Ultimat' Sunshades
Allows continuous (many hours) recording of area while you're wearing them. No cam visible but onc..
A. Zoomcast Binocam (eNigmacam Deluxe)
      Now with Chroma II !
Acme Thermal Image Detector
maxFynd has successfully managed to combine a thermal imaging camera and  a smartphone to give a sup..
Chroma Gold/Mineral/Gem Detection System
    maxFynd is now including Chroma II with all our gold detecting cameras at no extra cost ........
D. Chroma Confirmer - RainMate
  An application method that will test your Chroma cross indications for Solar Good. Of great benef..
eNigmacam 'Fieldmaster' TI-VB06
                                                              Now with Chroma II !  http:/..
eNigmaCam 'HotShot' aka Vorsman Enigma
 Users have  found over $70,000USD Gold Coins and a gold artefact worth $100,00USD.   The eNigmaCa..
Gold Cam Cap
Covert goldhunting has never been this easy. It's annoying when passers-by and motorists see you det..
Golden Finish
    What I' m going to tell you might take you aback...You may scratch your head and say Naw! LOL...
Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!
   AVAILABLE NOW!!!   You've probably heard that Google Glass, a wearable computer that sits ..
Grand Vision Lens with Chroma II
   Now with Chroma II !
H2O  Diving Cam
HURRY! Sale still on! Price reduced to a crazy $1629USD!    Introducing the maxFynd Viblan H2O   ..
Hawkeye DUKW
 Now with Chroma II !
maxFynd Drone - Hawkeye III
The latest aerial goldhunting craft from maxFynd is a drone. Hovering perfectly above a field you w..
NEW!! eNigmacam 'Tylo'
  The eNigmacam was the pick of long range detectors made by maxFynd. You can see some of the finds..
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