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Hawkeye DUKW

Hawkeye DUKW
Product Code: Hawkeye DUKW
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 Now with Chroma II !



Need a  gold-detecting quadcopter that will survive landing in water and take off again. A state of the art drone that can take shots and video underwater as you manouver it on the water surface? You will see photos of the undersea surface either from a birdseye view or down from the water surface marked with a cross to indicate gold location. Detect gold down hundreds of meters and thousands of meters away.


All custom features available on maxFynd units such as new metals and gems available for this drone amphibian.


Delivery may take some weeks but it's definitely worth the wait! Price may change depending on factors like receiver availability.


Take  a look at the craft before maxFynd detection modding. Awesome!


I wouldn't recommend this unless you had a boat to rescue your Hawkeye after it made it's homen a fish's abdomen but maybe you could survive out there lol :


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