Pocket Aurescope

Pocket Aurescope
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 Long Distance Gold Detector Fits In Pocket!                                                 

'Aurescope' by maxFynd shows location of unseen gold in eyepiece of monocular. The inbuilt compass indicates when you are looking at the exact position of the gold.
Viblan Technology by maxFynd is a world-first in optical gold detection using metal emissivity and geopolar discoveries made in the last five years by maxFynd-VT.
** Amazing advance. You will only see the compass when solar conditions allow accurate detection. On other occasions it will be dark despite no change in light conditions. This saves detecting Solar Good with the Joola angle.
Range is limited only by the range of the scope (thousands of meters/feet) and size of target. Depth can be customized to many meters/feet.
Reticle allows distance to target to be easily worked out.
Inbuilt compass and reticle allows vision-simple gold location to be seen. Joola angle with scope tells you depth and type of gold  i.e. whether natural or manmade.
You can test it is in working order on receiving it by looking at samples, jewellery stores or mines.
Developed by a geologist  after years of developing long distance equipment.
Viblan Technology © 2012

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