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A. Incognito C
This is the closest thing to privacy while detecting.   A great alternative to units 12 times the ..
  The Assisto II aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visua..
Bio Joola
  Latest styling:  Top: New Joulair   Bottom: Classic Joola   With this amazing gold tool you s..
Dain-Lees Fieldscan aka maxFynder Miner
aka maxFynder Miner   Here it is! A dream come true for all gold seekers!   Don these goggle..
eFIELDCHECK     Now, what every goldhunter has been crying out for over the years.   It's the m..
  Geosat II Maxim  is $3750 USD. It comes with the Chroma program and the eNigmacam function for th..
Gold Detector Ring
  Wear this tiny compass ring on your thumb to detect gold in the field or anywhere. The Joola angl..
Gold Horn
Hold the Gold Horn up to your ear and listen to the ground beneath or distant hills for gold. The in..
Gold Scape
Place your two fingers on the contacts and listen like you have a shell up to your ear. You will hea..
Gold Sizing Depth Joola
maxFynd has pleasure in releasing the Gold Sizing Joola. This tool will enable you to determine whic..
Golden Hare
You will receive an android phone that has been converted to the Golden Hare by maxFynd. It will all..
Compact and easily carried in your pocket , the Goldwind is an anemometer that spins as you walk giv..
Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!
   AVAILABLE NOW!!!   You've probably heard that Google Glass, a wearable computer that sits ..
Turn this ball detector over above an area and see a blue mark appear on the screen only when there ..
Joola Depth Box
First off the rank for 2018 -- The Depth Box for the Joola angle tool. Hold this in front of the ar..
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