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EpROX Car Tx Combo

EpROX Car Tx Combo
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The maxFynd EpROX Vehicle Transmitter Combo is compact and effective. Fit this tidy transmitter into your cigarette lighter and you can use either the angle and compass or the eNigma-Lite cam included to detect gold within 30 meters of your vehicle.


EpROX Car Tx Combo Includes:

  • Transmitter Kit
  • Remote control
  • Cables
  • Full instructions


All that is required is a healthy car battery and the kit. Exact location, depth and type of gold can be easily determined. Comes programmed enabling the FM transmitter to send the detection signal.

Can be used as a normal FM transmitter to obtain and transfer data to a car audio speaker system from the lighter socket.


Design may vary slightly from image above.
Please observe road safety. Never use angle in car while driving. Passenger use is fine if not distracting driver.




If you buy before the end of October maxFynd will give you FREE a mosquito-repeller watch (see below). Save money on lotions, and time. This will keep those territorial female mosquitoes well away.





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